Nonslip & Wet Area Mats

Nonslip & Wet Area Mats protect employees from slip hazards and offer fantastic comfort and anti-fatigue benefits.
Custom Logo Scraping Mats

Check out SuperScrape™ Xpressions or Signature Logo scraper mats – tough, 1/4" thick options to show off your style.

  • • No art charges or setup fees for your logo.
  • • We email you free proofs before production.
Comfort™ Floor Mats

Your employees might work well on their toes, but make sure they're comfortable, too. Slip-resistant and anti-microbial.

  • • Great for wet or dry areas.
  • • Multiple varieties to suit your workplace.
Cushion Station Mats

Nitrile rubber and cushioning makes these so comfortable. Protect workers in wet or dry areas, so they'll stay safe on their feet.

  • Modular and linkable options for irregular or oddly-shaped spots.
  • • Optional drainage holes.
Wet Step Mats

Work and play in wet areas without worry. Holes in Wet Step mats allow water to drain freely. Anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties with UV protectors keep the mat good as new after years of heavy use.

  • • Molder rubber backing ensures mat doesn’t move. Certified slip-resistance by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).
  • • Available in different sizes.
NoTrax V-Groove Mats

NoTrax V-Groove Mat has a textured rib-tooth design that maintains traction, absorbs impacts, reduces breakage of fallen objects, and protects floors. Simply cover an aisle with this runner mat or cut it to fit as a liner of a tool cart.

  • • Choose from vinyl or rubber construction.
  • • Low profile allows for easy on/off cart traffic.
Safety Grid Mats

The welded duckboard design creates an elevated platform keeping moisture away. Ideal for locker rooms, showers, and pool areas.

  • • Saw-tooth design makes for anti-slip surface.
  • • Comfortable for bare feet.
SuperScrape™ Mats

Scrape shoes clean with molded rubber face cleats. Anti-skid surface removes dirt and oils. 1/8", 1/4", or 3/8" thick.

  • • In black or 4 OSHA borders.
  • Oval or round traction designs.
NoTrax Soil Guard Mats

A great mat that excels—both as an indoor and outdoor high traffic entryway mat. Highly effective rubber mat features a heavy-duty construction, designed to act as a first line of defense against soil.

  • • ¼ inch thickness doesn’t block the door and makes way for cart traffic.
  • • Can be hosed off for easy cleaning.
Frontier Mats

Great at removing moisture and dirt. Ideal near the pool or in locker rooms. In 7 sizes, from 2’ x 3’ to 4’ x 60’.

  • • Available with or without edging.
  • • In Dark Grey, Blue, or Brown.
ErgoDeck™ Mats

7/8" thick, interlocking tiles in an open or closed design. Unique and innovative for a variety of environments.

  • • Soft or standard, for a variety of uses.
  • 18" x 18" tiles are easy to customize.
CleanShield® Urinal Mats

Improves the smell, look, and appearance of restrooms by protecting the floor and grout from staining, or uric acid damage.

  • • Seep Guard Tacki Back eliminates seepage and keeps the mat in place.
  • • 30 day Timestrip® indicates when it's time to replace the mat.
  • • Anti-microbial treated to reduce odors.
Anti-Slip Mat Accessories

Many high-traffic walk areas have floor mats to prevent slips and falls, but supplement that protection with our floor mat accessories that enhance performance by increasing stability and eliminating shifting.

  • Anchor Pads adhesive sqaures easily attach to the back of mats to prevent sliding and control movement.
  • Double-Sided Floor Tape provides excellent mat to floor adhesion but leaves behind no sticky residue.
  • Teebaud is the one and only underlay that works on carpet and all other types of flooring. Lay Teebaud with the white side down for use on carpet, or flip it to the gray side for use on hard surface floors.