Commercial Outdoor Mats

Make sure everyone wipes their feet before stepping inside. Browse a ton of options for your home, worksite, or office.
The Defender Rubber Entrance Mat

Heavy duty anti-microbial rubber with large nubbed top surface scrapes away dirt and moisture. Defend your house or office with this all rubber mat.

  • • Heavy weight at 14 lbs with a 11/16" thickness and beveled edge for safety.
  • • 15 drainage holes allow dirt and moisture to seep out the bottom.
Brush Hog Entrance Mats

Coarse fiber system aggressively scrapes damaging dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes, so it doesn't get inside. 3/8" thick.

  • • Choose from 4 UV-resistant colors.
  • • Turf-pile fabric construction.
Flex Tip Mats

A perfect outdoor scraper mat, Flex Tip is made of natural rubber that can be easily cleaned by hosing off or shaking.

  • • Two thousand finger-like tips/sq. ft completely absorb soil from footwear.
  • • Beveled edges prevent tripping and allow wheeled devices to roll over easily.
Notrax Soil Guard Mats

A great mat that excels—both as an indoor and outdoor high traffic entryway mat. Highly effective rubber mat features a heavy-duty construction, designed to act as a first line of defense against soil.

  • Low profile - 1/4" thickness doesn't block door and alows for easy cart traffic.
  • • Powerwash friendly.
SuperScrape™ Mats

A selection of options to help you keep your interiors clean. Molded rubber scrapers clean shoes as people walk across them.

  • • With round or oval surface designs, or try a pattern made of recycled materials.
Frontier Mats

No matter where your 'frontier' is, make sure you can drain water and debris for excellent traction. 3/18" thick and easy to clean.

  • • Vinyl loop material dries quickly.
  • • Can choose with or without a border.
Wet Step Mats

Work and play in wet areas without worry. Holes in Wet Step mats allow water to drain freely. Anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties with UV protectors keep the mat good as new after years of heavy use.

  • • Molder rubber backing ensures mat doesn’t move. Certified slip-resistance by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).
  • • Available in different sizes.
NoTrax Wayfarer Mats

A completely vinyl-based mat ideal for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. Recommended for “Green Cleaning” environments mat dries quickly and resists mildew.

  • • Vinyl-loop pattern removes dirt and moisture from shoes.
  • • Available in open and closed backings for medium to heavy-duty use.
Snow Melt Mats

Avoid injuries, wasted time, expended energy and accidents caused by slip and falls from snow and icy entryways with our heated Snow Melt Mats.

  • • Efficiently removes snow without the need for harsh melting products, or salts that damage walkways.
  • • Water tight eletrical system coupled with a GFCI switch guards against shock hazards and is safe for continuous outdoor use.
Dirt Stopper Mats

Stop dirt from getting tracked through your car, or past your mud room. Great for the front door, the back porch, or in the trunk.

  • • Mats for heavy mud or light wear.
  • • Highly absorbent and slip-resistant.