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Commercial Indoor Mats

Indoor mats are the best way to keep dirt and moisture off your flooring. Protect your entrance while adding a bit of style.
WaterHog™ Classic Entrance Mats

Meet the original. No mat in the industry traps water and dirt so effectively. Rubber-reinforced face nubs and "waffle" design.

  • • Unique ridged construction.
  • • Anti-static, 100% premium fabric dries quickly; won't fade or rot.
WaterHog™ Fashion Entrance Mats

Border is fashioned with the same 100% premium fiber as the mat for an attractive, smooth look that’s easy to maintain.

  • • Same performance features, with the added beauty of a fabric border.
NoTrax Aqua Trap Mats

For wet and heavy-traffic areas, always choose an absorbing matting solution. Aqua Trap® is a great indoor entrance mat option with patented raised “Aqua Dam” border to trap moisture as well as debris.

  • • Highly fashionable look.
  • • Anti-Microbial carpet treatment.
Waterhog Classic Diamond Mats

A perfect indoor wiper mat that welcomes your guests just as they step in. The uniquely patterned diamond surface effectively removes all the dirt from footwear and lets only clean soles enter your facility.

  • • Rubber 'Water dam' border holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.
  • • Available in a host of color options.

Berber Mats

Berber Mats

Cover large entryways with these oversized, polypropylene fabric mats. It provides a wonderfully professional look and many color options! Ideal for any office setting.

  • • Naturally stain resistant fabric that prevents discoloration.
  • • Optional, beveled vinyl borders that tapers to the floor for smooth transitions from mat to floor!
Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mats

Get all the features of a Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat along with a matching fabric border. Designer mat makes for a perfect looking entrance and complements carpeted floors very well.

  • • Border comes in the same color chosen for the mat.
  • • Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic.
NoTrax Barrier Rib Mats

Barrier Rib™ Mats are designed with a molded dual-ridge cross-rib pattern that enhances the scraping and drying process. The mat allows traffic to pass across the ridges for maximum benefit.

  • • Raised rubber perimeter on all four sides called “Aqua Dam”.
  • • Antimicrobial carpet treatment.
WaterHog Eco Premier Fashion Mats

WaterHog Eco Premier Fashion is perfect for when you need an attractive mat, but don't want to compromise on performance.

  • 100% recycled fiber blend.
  • • Stylish surface fiber material also covers the 15% recycled tire rubber border.
SuperScrape™ Mats

A selection of options to help you keep your interiors clean. Molded rubber scrapers clean shoes as people walk across them.

  • • With round and oval surface designs, or try a pattern made of recycled materials.
  • • Mats are best suited for indoor use, or limited outdoor use under covered areas.
WaterHog®  DiamondCord Entrance Mats

3/8" thick, with a DiamondCord Fiber bundle for an exceptional wiping and scraping performance.

  • • Choose from 4 different fiber bundle colors.
  • • Slip-resistant surface dries quick.
WaterHog® Eco Premier Mats

Combine durability, good looks, and eco-friendliness with 100% recycled plastic fibers, to stay "green" in your facility.

  • • Dries fast to prevent fading and rotting.
  • • Diamond-shaped face pattern combines scraping effectiveness with attractiveness.
NoTrax Soil Guard Mats

A great mat that excels—both as an indoor and outdoor high traffic entryway mat. Highly effective rubber mat features a heavy-duty construction, designed to act as a first line of defense against soil.

  • • ¼ inch thickness doesn’t block the door and makes way for cart traffic.
  • • Can be hosed off for easy cleaning.
WaterHog® Eco Elite Mats

Styled with 15% recycled rubber backing and a 100% recycled plastic face fabric. Green-friendly mat helps the environment.

  • • A more detailed, "elite" face pattern adds style and traps and removes more dirt.
  • • 8 color options to match with your décor.
WaterHog® Eco Elite Fashion Mats

Stunning Eco Elite materials, with the same recycled fiber covering the raised rubber border. High quality and eco-conscious.

  • • Blended thick, recycled fibers for a fantastic, reinforced wiper mat.
  • • Matches your décor, in 8 colors.
Waterhog Modular Tile Mats

No need to buy single, gigantic mat for large entrances. Join modular tiles to cover an area of any length and width.

  • • No gluing! Interlocking sections easily fit into each other to link individual tiles.
  • • Over a dozen color options!
Masterpiece™ Select Entrance Mat

Innovative design scrapes dirt and water off feet from all traffic angles. 1/4" thick.

  • • Choose from 6 colors for your design.
  • Anti-static fiber system – safe around electronic equipment.
WaterHog™ Fashion Drainable Mats

All the features of the famous WaterHog™ without the rubber 'water dam' border, so water drains off easily.

  • • Won't fade or rot and is easy to clean with a vacuum or hose.
  • • For indoor or outdoor use.
Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Good Mats

Covers large areas and ideal for custom cut applications. Unique Herringbone pattern of these large indoor mats scrapes all the grit, grime, and moisture. Multipurpose “roll good” design is fit for any application.

  • • Available with or without edging.
  • • Environment friendly. Made of 100% recycled materials.
WaterHog® Eco Grand Premier Mats

For an eco-friendly option, go green with outstanding quality and durability. Now with 15% recycled rubber backing and 100% recycled fabric.

  • • In 8 different colors and shapes.
  • • Choose one rounded end, two rounded ends, or a stunning half-oval shape.
Clean Stride Mats

A 2-step design to remove dirt, debris, and moisture. A WaterHog mat and sticky inserts grab the excess to protect your floors.

  • • Take an extra step for cleanliness.
  • • Includes 60 replaceable inserts.
Brush Step® Mats

If you're fed up with having moisture and debris tracked into your home, then the Brush Step® mat is for you. This economical mat will be your best defense to keep water, snow, salt and debris from being tracked into your home.

  • • The poly fibers absorb moisture while the impermeable vinyl keeps the moisture from reaching your floor.
  • • The low design is great when used as a door mat as it gives way for doors to open.
Heritage Rib™ Mats

Looking for something a little tougher than our Brush Step® Mats?, then try our Heritage Rib™ mats!

  • • A heavier-weight double rib high/low design that performs the scraping function of the mat.
  • • Great for entranceways of schools and hospitals!