SuperScrape™ Mats

Superscrape Plus Mats

Halt shoe marks at the door before they end up on your floor with our Superscrape Plus mat which feature multi-directional, geometrically shaped treads that scrape away dirt from all angles.

  • • Great for wet locations as it has partitioned border allowing water to escape.
  • • Available in drainable (with holes) and non-drainable versions.
SuperScrape™ Oval Traction Mats

Molded, oval-shaped face cleats act as tiny scrapers to remove heavy dirt and soil from footwear. 1/4" thick.

  • • Grease-proof Nitrile rubber.
  • • Oval traction design.
Safety Scrape™ Round Traction Mats

1/8" thick. Small scrapers clean footwear to keep floors clean. Works wonders where traction and safety needs are essential.

  • • With black, OSHA-approved borders.
  • • Round traction design.