NewLife™ Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Mat Specifications
Material: 100% Cellulon Polyuretane
Construction: 3/4" Thick, One Piece
Area of Use: Dry Work Areas
Eco-Friendly: Yes, Made with Bio-Foam®
Latex Free: Yes
Stands up to the heavy duty demands of retail and commercial work environments. Cellulon® core returns to its original shape and won’t bottom out under pressure.
• Matte-textured surface provides optimum friction.
• Integral skin polyurethane, one piece construction.
• Low-profile, durable edges prevent tripping.
• Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for superior traction.
Features and Benefits
• Reduces pain, fatigue, or potential injuries from standing.
• Encourages healthy posture and balance.
• Increase safety and keep workers energized and comfortable.
Price List
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Stock Mats
      Price     Order
  Mat Size Approx. 1   Mat Color Quantity
  1 2/3' x 2 2/3' 32" x 20" $79.95      Mat
  1 2/3' x 4' 48" x 20" $119.95      Mat
  1 2/3' x 6' 72" x 20" $179.95      Mat
  1 2/3' x 2' 36" x 24" $99.95      Mat
  3' x 5' 60" x 36" $229.95      Mat
Mat Colors
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Customer Reviews
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Apr 11, 2019

Size: 20" x 32" Material Type: NewLife Eco-Pro Gel Mat   Verified Purchase

Great mat!

Very comfortable. Well made. Arrived in excellent condition.