ErgoDeck™ Anti-Fatigue Mats

7/8" thick, interlocking tiles in an open or closed design. Unique and innovative matting system from Wearwell® suits a variety of environments and comfort levels.
ErgoDeck™ Open/Solid Matting

Raised deckplate, 18" x 18" interlocking tiles for excellent traction. Optional safety ramps.

  • Solid helps catch small, falling parts.
  • Open has a large drainage design for fluids.
ErgoDeck™ Soft Open/Solid Matting

A more resilient version of the original ErgoDeck, designed to increase worker productivity. Optional colored borders.

  • Solid is for dry areas that require easy maintenance. Flexible.
  • Open is best for wet areas with small debris or fluids. Good for multiple shifts.
ErgoDeck™ Companion Products

Find inside and outside corners and ramps from Wearwell® that complete your installation.