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Grade A™ Food Production Mats

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Food is going to be everywhere. Order mats designed specifically for food production and processing areas.
100% anti-microbial formulation resists food-related oils.
• Hygienic porthole and solid underside design of the mat simplify cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food can collect.
• Substantial underside knobs allow quick drainage and increase the comfort level of the mat. Built-in handles.
• Flat, textured surface increases traction when greasy and wet.
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Wear Resistance 3.5 Image 3.5
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Price List
To order your mat: Select mat size, color and enter quantity. Click 'Add to Cart' when done.
Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate and can shrink a bit during the heat curing stage of the mat. For smaller mats, 1" of shrinkage is not uncommon. Larger mats may shrink up to 3%. Please allow for this industry standard tolerance before ordering.
Stock Mats
  Mat Color Mat Size Approx. 1   Order Qty
   Terra Cotta 30" x 36" $113.40    Mat
   Terra Cotta 30" x 60" $173.50    Mat