Preprinted Decorative Mats - Promotional Mats

There's nothing ordinary about your floors. Start with high-quality Preprinted, Decorative Mats. They offer full color messages in a variety of themes, from holiday and greeting options, to vivid mats that will fit right in at your school or restaurant.
Desk Chair Mats

The artistry of an accent rug meets the functionality of a chair mat. Designed for use on hard floors. Our Desk Chair Mats not only help protect your floor, they add some visual appeal to your work space.

  • Glides easily! - Your chair will glide easily over the firm but beautiful surface.
  • Skid-Resistant Floor Protection - The durable rubber backing protects your floors and keeps your mat from sliding.
  • Easy to Clean - The stain-resistant, PET surface can be vacuumed and/or wiped clean with mild detergent.

Welcome Mats

Welcome Mats

First impressions are crucial, so make your entrance looks its best with an attractive Welcome Mat. Trap dirt to keep your floors clean, while you add a welcoming message to your doorway.

  • • Made for daily use, with top quality, durable materials. Some are machine washable.
  • • Why pay more than you have to? Our afforable prices let you keep your sense of style, on a budget.
  • • Make guests, neighbors, visitors, and patrons feel at home. Browse through dozens of options to find the perfect look for your entrance.
Safety Floor Mats

Place your safety message right where everyone can see it. A large, vivid mat gives your employees a bright reminder so they always know to take care of their safety, and everyone else, too.

  • • Mats communicate important messages and act as a barrier for dirt, soil, and grime from tracking in your facility.
  • • Digitally printed for fine colors and enhanced design.
  • • Nitrile rubber backing makes the mat waterproof and oil-resistant. Great for industrial use, for an indispensable safety message that wipes your feet clean.
Greeting Floor Mats

Welcome visitors without saying a word. Colorful images add life to your entry area, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • • Pick the perfect message from a variety of designs.
  • • Liven up your entryway.
Pre-printed School Floor Mats

Protect your floor and motivate students with a bright mat to encourage them to do their best.

  • • Quality and drauble materials will outlast your students.
  • • A highly visible way to show off your school.
Military Message Mats

Show your support with one of our full-color printed mats. These are a favorite of families all across America.

  • • Made in the USA, from the highest quality materials.
Holiday Floor Mats

Celebrate the holiday season with your customers. People are more giving when they're filled with holiday spirit.

  • • In a variety of designs - perfect for every taste.
  • • Lasts for years of holiday celebrations.
Security Screening Mats

Our instructional Security Screening Mats ensure a smoother security check process by indicating the proper location and stance to take when conducting searches. These security mats guide passengers where and how to stand during airport, stadium or courtroom screenings making the procedure more efficient and professional.

  • Classic Xpressions Mats have a plush carpeted surface that cradles your feet and absorbs moisture. The anti-skid rubber backing keeps the mat in place—preventing it from migrating.
  • • Built to last Superscrape Mats have an all rubber design that's great for indoor or outdoor use such as in stadiums or arenas. The surface nubs gently massage your feet and are comfortable to stand on. Plus maintenance is as simple as hosing it off and letting it air dry.
  • • Durable construction helps withstand heavy traffic abuse and the embedded dyes penetrate the surface to prevent fading and discoloration.
  • • These security mats meet slip resistance standards of the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • • Available in two backing types: cleated for soft surfaces and smooth for hard surfaces.