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Wearwell® Mats

Tile Top Anti-Microbial Wearwell® Mats

Unique Nitrile rubber composite mat, in 1/2" and 7/8" thick, designed for resilience, and with anti-microbial properties.

  • • Choose from 8 different colors.
  • • Surface kills micro-organisms on contact.
24/Seven® Wearwell® Mats

Functional and versatile, to work for you, 24/7. Choose from 3 types, each 5/8" thick, for your specific workplace.

  • • Try solid or drainage models.
  • • Grease-resistant, CFR, or Nitrile materials.
Wearwell® DiamondPlate Anti-Fatigue Mats

Trusted, classic diamond pattern with vinyl topcoat for durability and performance. Abrasion and flame-resistant.

  • 9/16" or 15/16" thick with a nonslip surface.
  • • Black, Black/Yellow, Black/Chevron, or Gray.
ErgoDeck™ Wearwell® Mats

Innovative, 7/8" thick, 18" x 18" interlocking tiles for a comfortable and modular "floor above a floor" stability.

  • • Soft or standard, open or closed design.
  • • Tiles are easy to customize or replace.
Industrial WorkSafe® Wearwell® Mats

A popular wet area, 3/4" thick, ergonomic mat, formulated in a CFR (mineral oil cutting, fluid-resistant) compound.

  • • Black/Orange or Black/Yellow.
  • • Slip-resistant surface provides extra traction.
Electrically Conductive Mats

Our most popular ergonomic ESD mat from Wearwell® can be utilized in a variety of production environments. Anti-static and 9/16" thick.

  • • Choose from a smooth rubber or diamond-plate vinyl surface.
  • • Also get heel grounders and ground cord.
Grade A™ Food Production Mat

A 1/2" thick Wearwell® mat, specifically targeted to the rapidly expanding food production marketplace. Built-in handles.

  • 100% anti-microbial formulation that resists grease and oils.
  • • Easy to handle and clean.
Endurable Wearwell® Mats

Durable wear layer on a 1/2" thick, PVC sponge mat. Economical. Terrific quality at a modest price point.

  • • Durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • • Longer lifespan than similar products.
Autoclavable Wearwell® Mats

Provides comfort in sterile environments including operating rooms, compounding pharmacies, and labs.

  • SBR/Nitrile anti-microbial compound.
  • • Sizes fit in standard autoclaves.