Wearwell® DiamondPlate Anti-Fatigue Mats

Trusted, classic diamond pattern with vinyl topcoat for durability and performance. Abrasion and flame-resistant.
Wearwell® DiamondPlate Flex-Link Mats

Closed-cell PVC sponge base and surface. Resists most workplace fluids, and provides a non-skid safety surface.

  • • Use in dry areas. Budget-friendly.
  • 9/16" thick, with a safety beveled surface border. In 2 colors.
Wearwell® UltraSoft DiamondPlate Flex-Link Mats

A thicker and more comfortable dense PVC sponge, for improved worker comfort at an affordable price point. Use in dry areas.

  • • A medium to heavy use option, in 2 colors.
  • 15/16" thick overall, with a safety beveled surface border.
Wearwell® DiamondPlate SpongeCote Mats

The most popular anti-fatigue mat on the market, for medium to heavy use, with safety beveled edges. In 4 colors.

  • • Premium, durable Nitricell® and PVC/Nitrile rubber blend.
  • 9/16" thick, with a sponge, surface border.
Wearwell® UltraSoft DiamondPlate SpongeCote Mats

The most forgiving and highest performance options. Great durability and resilience, for heavy use. In 4 colors.

  • • Premium Nitricell® base with a PVC/Nitrile rubber blend.
  • 15/16" thick with a safety beveled edges.