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WaterHog™ Mats

Ridged construction works great in high-traffic areas to scrape dirt away. Molded rubber won't curl or slip. Easy to wash, dries fast, and won't fade. Want a sample? Give us a call and we'll send one your way.
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We offer several varieties of WaterHogs, suitable for any environment.
WaterHog™ Classic Diamond Mats

A perfect indoor wiper mat that welcomes your guests just as they step in. The uniquely patterned diamond surface effectively removes all the dirt from footwear and lets only clean soles enter your facility.

  • • Rubber 'Water dam' border holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.
  • • Available in a host of color options.
Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mats

Get all the features of a Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat along with a matching fabric border. Designer mat makes for a perfect looking entrance and complements carpeted floors very well.

  • • Border comes in the same color chosen for the mat.
  • • Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic.
Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Good Mats

Covers large areas and ideal for custom cut applications. Unique Herringbone pattern of these large indoor mats scrapes all the grit, grime, and moisture. Multipurpose “roll good” design is fit for any application.

  • • Available with or without edging.
  • • Environment friendly. Made of 100% recycled materials.

WaterHog Silver mats feature the unique bi-level design that made WaterHog mats famous, with a new anti-microbial surface that reduces bacteria growth by 99%!

WaterHog™ Classic Entrance Mats

Wow people right at your entryway. The original, for superior traction and scraping, with a raised border to trap dirt and grime.

  • • Innovative waffle surface with rubber-reinforced face nubs in 19 stunning colors.
WaterHog™ Fashion Entrance Mats

Who says tough can’t be pretty too? Just like our Classic, with the attractive fiber surface covering the raised rubber border, too.

  • • Available in 19 color options for an elegant appearance, wherever you place it.
WaterHog™ Fashion Drainable Mats

Ideal for wet work areas, without raised border, to allow water to drain off easily. Fabric dries quickly and is easy to clean.

  • • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • • Choose from 7 sizes and 19 color options.
WaterHog™ Modular Tile Mats

No need to buy single, gigantic mat for large entrances. Join modular tiles to cover an area of any length and width.

  • • No gluing! Interlocking sections easily fit into each other to link individual tiles.
  • • Over a dozen color options!
WaterHog™ Eco Premier Mats

Fight dirt and save the earth with our eco-friendly mats, made of recycled rubber tires and plastic bottles, ground into soft fibers.

  • • Raised rubber border and ridged diamond face pattern traps dirt and moisture.
  • • Choose 8 different color options.
WaterHog™ Eco Premier Fashion Mats

The perfect recycled fiber mat, when you want style, but don't want to compromise on performance. Classy fashion border.

  • • A great wiper mat for enhanced mat performance and extended product life.
  • Eco-friendly and easy to maintain.
WaterHog™ Inlay Custom Logo Mats

Our unique inlay process prints up to 19 colors on a single mat, for a bright, vivid design that won't wear out.

  • Upload your artwork with our easy-to-use wizard, or give us a call.
  • • Makes an impression indoors or outdoors.
WaterHog™ Eco Elite Mats

Styled with 20% recycled rubber backing and a 100% recycled plastic face fabric. Green-friendly mat helps the environment.

  • • A more detailed, herringbone face pattern adds style while trapping dirt.
  • • 8 color options to match with your décor.
WaterHog™ Eco Elite Fashion Mats

Stunning Eco Elite materials, with the same recycled fiber covering the raised rubber border. High quality and eco-conscious.

  • • Blended thick, recycled fibers for a fantastic, reinforced wiper mat.
  • • Matches your décor, in 8 colors.
WaterHog™ DiamondCord Entrance Mats

Superior wiping and scraping performance. Anti-static, in multiple colors and size options to suit your individual requirements.

  • • Alternate diamond-patterned, fiber bundle surface to catch dirt and moisture.
WaterHog™ Masterpiece Select Entrance Mats

Innovative design with tight, alternate surface patterned fiber system adds great style and scraping action to your floors.

  • • In 6 colors to complement your décor.
  • • Anti-static, for increased safety.
WaterHog™ Eco Grand Premier Mats

For an eco-friendly option, go green with outstanding quality and durability. Now with 20% recycled rubber backing and 100% recycled fabric.

  • • In 8 different colors and shapes.
  • • Choose one rounded end, two rounded ends, or a stunning half-oval shape.