Flex Tip Mats

Mat Specifications
Material: Natural Rubber
Backing: Ribbed
Color: Black
Thickness: 5/8"
Durable, weatherproof and great for interior or exterior use, Flex Tip mats simultaneously dislodge dirt and debris from shoes while the tiny finger-like prongs massage and soothe tired, achy feet.
• Thousands of finger-like tips aggressively scrape away contaminants, depositing them within the recesses of the mat.
• UV stable rubber is weatherproof and great for outdoor use, or perfect as a slip resistant mat in wet locations.
• Flexible tips double as a massager to relieve dull pain and fatigue.
• Easy to maintain - simply shake or hose off to clean.
Price List
To order your mat: Select mat size, color and enter quantity. Click 'Add to Cart' when done.
Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate and can shrink a bit during the heat curing stage of the mat. For smaller mats, 1" of shrinkage is not uncommon. Larger mats may shrink up to 3%. Please allow for this industry standard tolerance before ordering.

Stock Mats
        Price   Order
  Mat Color Mat Size Approx. 1 7 31   Quantity
   Black 2' x 2⅔' 24" x 32" $38.88   $37.26   $35.64      Mat
   Black 2⅔'x 3¼' 32" x 39" $65.37   $62.13   $59.97      Mat
   Black 3' x 6' 36" x 72" $132.97   $127.02   $122.16      Mat
Customer Reviews
Feb 27, 2017

Size: 32" x 39" Material Type: Flex Tip™ Exterior (Outdoor) Scraper Mat   Verified Purchase

Great outdoor mats!

I purchased these outdoor mats for our preschool. They look nice, are well made and collect the dirt well. They feel really neat when you walk on them too!
Jan 16, 2017

Size: 36" x 72" Material Type: Flex Tip™ Exterior (Outdoor) Scraper Mat   Verified Purchase


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