Anti-Slip Mat Accessories

Many high-traffic walk areas have floor mats to prevent slips and falls, but supplement that protection with our floor mat accessories that enhance performance by increasing stability and eliminating shifting.
  • Anchor Pads adhesive sqaures easily attach to the back of mats to prevent sliding and control movement.
  • Double-Sided Floor Tape provides excellent mat to floor adhesion but leaves behind no sticky residue.
  • Teebaud is the one and only underlay that works on carpet and all other types of flooring. Lay Teebaud with the white side down for use on carpet, or flip it to the gray side for use on hard surface floors.

Non-Skid Adhesive & Tape

Anchor Pad Adhesive Squares for Modular & Carpeted Mats
4" x 4" (h x w)

Non-Skid Accessories