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Anchor Pads are a low-profile solution to that age-old problem of the dreaded roaming mat. Easy to install, and even easier to remove, these pads come with a releasable adhesive that can be repositioned or removed without damaging varnished or hard wood floors.

  • Pads are repositionable making installations effortless, plus it reduces waste and saves moneys.
  • Anchor Pads increase safety by preventing slips and trips caused by loose mats sliding, curling or bunching.
  • The low-profile design is imperceptible once installed yet effectively limits movement of your mat.
  • Can be cleanly removed without damaging floors or leaving behind any sticky residue.
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  • 4" x 4"
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Anchor Pads
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  • Anchor Pad's adhesive is releasable, so tiles and mats can be repositioned but secure enough to prevent movement or sliding.
  • Anchor Pads are designed to not leave an adhesive residue on the floor or mat backing.
  • Anchor Pads come standard on all of our Hog Heaven Modular Tile mats in 18" x 18" and 36" x 36" sizes.
  • These easy to remove pads have a high tack adhesive with a low peel adhesion, so they won't damage varnished or hard wood floors upon removal.
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Material: Anchor Pads
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