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This 46" x 68.75" Superscrape™ Plus Mat doesn't have drainage holes, but the multi-directional tread patterns scrape a lot of dirt and grime from the footwear as people walk through the mat.

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  • 48" x 72"
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  • SuperScrape™ Plus Mat
SuperScrape™ Plus Mat
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  • 3/16” thick durable 100% Nitrile rubber construction provides resistance to oils, water, chemicals, UV rays and is greaseproof.
  • Multi-directional geometrically molded treads effectively scrape tough dirt and grime away from shoes with each step.
  • Segmented border provides a quick-dry surface that channels away excess water to prevent pooling.
  • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute, this earth-friendly mat has 20% recycled Nitrile rubber.
  • Perfect for use outside of entryways as a scraper mat or as a slip resistant mat in wet areas.
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Size:48" x 72"
Material: SuperScrape™ Plus Mat
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