Workstation Mats

Individual workstations need individual mats. One large square tile provides enough space for a worker to stand and work comfortably. Featuring a cushioned surface, these mats offer exceptional pain-relief and comfort through long standing hours.
Hog Heaven Workstation Mats

Don’t let workers squeeze and be pressed to share one mat in a large work area. Deploy Hog Heaven Workstation Mats for individual workstations. 43.75” square mat perfectly comforts a standing worker’s feet.

  • • Offered with optional gritty, textured surface.
  • • Standard ‘Black’ or ‘Yellow striped’ border.
Cushion Station Workstation Mats

Don't try to fit a large number of workers on one mat. Lay large sized (39 inch) square mats at individual workstations. Bordered on all four sides.

  • • Offered with optional drainage holes for wet surfaces.
  • • Rubber cushioned surface for excellent comfort.
Comfort Flow/Scrape HD Workstation Mats

Plain comfort sans beauty! High density Nitrile Rubber cushion mats for extra toughness ideal for harsh working conditions. Lightweight and easy to clean.

  • • Come with (Flow) and without (Scrape) drainage holes for dry and wet areas.
  • • Also offered with grit surface for extra stability.
Notrax Blade Runner Mats

Here’s a runner mat that can be sweep-cleaned in a snap. Blade runner mat is made of Dyna-Shield® sponge that withstands severe wear and tear, and exhibits great tensile strength for high foot traffic.

  • • Corrugated ribbed top ensures sure footing, leaving no room for slip accidents.
  • • Ideal for dry areas like labs, packaging stations, shipping department.
Notrax Bubble Sof-tred Mats

Looking for a runner mat that offers heaps of comfort? NoTrax Bubble Sof-tred Mats should be your choice. Bubble design on the top surface maximizes workers comfort in areas demanding long standing hours.

  • • Offers great tear-resistance and strength.
  • • Easy to sweep clean.
Notrax Diamond Sof-tred Mats

These runner mats have a non-directional diamond deck plate surface. If you are looking for sure-footing in medium duty dry work areas, NoTrax Diamond Sof-tred Mats fit the bill. Available in custom sizes and lengths.

  • • Made of exclusive PVC sponge.
  • • Available in Black, Gray, and Black-Yellow.
Notrax Pebble Sof-tred Mats

The pebbled surface anti-fatigue mat is designed for medium-duty traffic in dry work areas. Notrax™ Dyna-Shield® surface improves mat’s tensile strength, ensuring longevity. Service life is improved by as much as 50%.

  • • Easy to clean mat provides superior traction.
  • • Beveled edges reduce chances of tripping.
  • • Offered in many lengths in three colors.
Notrax Razorback Mats

The ribbed surface anti-fatigue mat is designed for medium duty traffic in dry work areas. Notrax™ Dyna-Shield® provides the mat with superior tensile strength, thus improving the service life by as much as 50%.

  • • Easy to clean mat provides superior traction.
  • • Beveled edges reduce chances of tripping.
  • • Offered in many lengths in three colors.
NoTrax SuperFoam Mats

This closed cell foam mat is ideal for assembly lines, workstations, manufacturing, laboratories, and even home workshops. Highly dense material that incorporates millions of tiny closed cells, the mat doesn’t absorb liquids and is resistant to chemicals, oils, and greases.

  • • Made from a closed cell PVC Nitrile foam blend.
  • • Available in perforated version for drainage.

Airug Mats

NoTrax Airug Mats

Low on matting budget? Use our best-selling, low-cost, anti-fatigue mats to relieve leg and back pain of workers standing for long hours. NoTrax Airug Mats are made of PVC foam that speaks for its affordability and comfort.

  • • Stock and custom sizes available.
  • • Protects against cold floors.
NoTrax Safety Grid Mats

The welded duckboard design creates an elevated platform keeping moisture away. Ideal for locker rooms, showers, and pool areas.

  • • Saw-tooth design makes for anti-slip surface.
  • • Comfortable for bare feet.
NoTrax Switchboard Mats

No more shocks! This non-conductive mat insulates the workers standing on them and prevents them from being grounded.

  • • Saw-tooth design enhances traction.
  • • Available colors: Black, Black/Yellow
NoTrax Cushion Stat Mats

Here’s the perfect anti-static and anti-fatigue mat for office or light-duty application. Cushion-Stat™ Mat is made of selective PVC sponge that absorbs static electricity.

  • • Easy to clean.
  • • Pebble-embossed surface provides traction.
NoTrax Diamond Stat Mats

This dissipative/anti-static mat is designed to offer good amount of traction with its aggressive surface pattern and texture. The mat also absorbs static electricity keeping sensitive circuitry safe.

  • • Combined with dense closed cell foam base for long life.
  • • Ideal for assembly or testing areas of computers, chips, electronics of all kinds.