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Workstation Mats

Individual workstations need individual mats. One large square tile provides enough space for a worker to stand and work comfortably. Featuring a cushioned surface, these mats offer exceptional pain-relief and comfort through long standing hours.
Hog Heaven Workstation Mats

Don’t let workers squeeze and be pressed to share one mat in a large work area. Deploy Hog Heaven Workstation Mats for individual workstations. 43.75” square mat perfectly comforts a standing worker’s feet.

  • • Offered with optional gritty, textured surface.
  • • Standard ‘Black’ or ‘Yellow striped’ border.
Notrax Blade Runner Mats

Here’s a runner mat that can be sweep-cleaned in a snap. Blade runner mat is made of Dyna-Shield® sponge that withstands severe wear and tear, and exhibits great tensile strength for high foot traffic.

  • • Corrugated ribbed top ensures sure footing, leaving no room for slip accidents.
  • • Ideal for dry areas like labs, packaging stations, shipping department.
Notrax Diamond Sof-tred Mats

These runner mats have a non-directional diamond deck plate surface. If you are looking for sure-footing in medium duty dry work areas, NoTrax Diamond Sof-tred Mats fit the bill. Available in custom sizes and lengths.

  • • Made of exclusive PVC sponge.
  • • Available in Black, Gray, and Black-Yellow.

Airug Mats

NoTrax Airug Mats

Low on matting budget? Use our best-selling, low-cost, anti-fatigue mats to relieve leg and back pain of workers standing for long hours. NoTrax Airug Mats are made of PVC foam that speaks for its affordability and comfort.

  • • Stock and custom sizes available.
  • • Protects against cold floors.
NoTrax Safety Grid Mats

The welded duckboard design creates an elevated platform keeping moisture away. Ideal for locker rooms, showers, and pool areas.

  • • Saw-tooth design makes for anti-slip surface.
  • • Comfortable for bare feet.
NoTrax Cushion Stat Mats

Here’s the perfect anti-static and anti-fatigue mat for office or light-duty application. Cushion-Stat™ Mat is made of selective PVC sponge that absorbs static electricity.

  • • Easy to clean.
  • • Pebble-embossed surface provides traction.