Modular Tiles

24/Seven® Modular Tiles

Functional, versatile and well-designed. 5/8" thick, and available in a few formulations to best fit your particular workplace.

  • 3' x 3' square tiles.
  • • Optional drainage styles.
WaterHog™ Modular Tile Mats

No need to buy single, gigantic mat for large entrances. Join modular tiles to cover an area of any length and width.

  • • No gluing! Interlocking sections easily fit into each other to link individual tiles.
  • • Over a dozen color options!
Hog Heaven II Modular Tile Poly Mats

A perfect choice for facilities requiring thick, rugged, easy-to-clean, anti-fatigue, comfortable and durable modular tile mat.

  • • Ideal for work stations, retail stores, check-out stations.
  • • ¾ inches in thickness.
Hog Heaven™ Modular Tile Mats

Convert your floor with this rubber surface and a cushioned inner core. Provides supreme comfort, durability, and slip resistance.

  • • In 2 sizes: 18” and 36” squares with an optional anti-slip, Grit surface.
  • • Molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface won't delaminate, bulge or curl.
Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tile Mats

Why waste money on a standard-sized mat when you can build one that will fit your specific location? Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tiles are suited for all types of environments that require additional traction.

  • • Comfort Flow: allows liquids to percolate through the drainage holes.
  • • Comfort Scrape: channels debris and moisture from footwear into the grooves on the tiles.
ErgoDeck™ Modular Tiles

Interlocking, 18" x 18" tiles in an open or solid design. Unique and resilient, for a safe and productive workplace. Excellent traction.

  • 7/8" thick tiles form the perfect mat.
  • • Also has companion products.