Modular Tiles

24/Seven® Modular Tiles

Functional, versatile and well-designed. 5/8" thick, and available in a few formulations to best fit your particular workplace.

  • 3' x 3' square tiles.
  • • Optional drainage styles.
SoftFloors Modular Mats

Enjoy comfort and a simple, shock-absorbing design. 5/8" thick, 2’ x 2’ interlocking foam tiles, in assorted colors for a custom look.

  • • Anti-fatigue, latex-free, EVA foam.
  • • Waterproof. Won't absorb sweat or water.
  • • Fire retardant, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
SoftCarpets Modular Mats

Resilient comfort for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Lightweight, portable, waterproof, and shock-absorbent. Includes detachable edges.

  • • Bonded to EVA foam rubber for superior fatigue-reducing and insulating capability.
  • • In assorted colors to match your interior.
SoftWoods Modular Mats

Get the elegance of wood grain, in an easy-to-clean vinyl option. The surface is bonded to nitrile rubber, for heavy-duty protection and comfort.

  • • In 5 wood finishes, from light to dark stain.
  • • Interlocking squares offer a seamless fit.



Kids will have fun, and stay comfortable, on this cool camo design. In hunter green, with 2’ x 2’, 5/8" thick, interlocking foam tiles.

  • • Great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • • Shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue foam is great for play areas, toy rooms, or home gyms.
  • • Waterproof and stacks for storage.
Reversible SoftFloors Modular Mats

Versatile and lightweight. Switch up your colors, with the same super soft foam. Each 2’ x 2’ interlocking tile is 5/8" thick.

  • • Pick from a few color combinations.
  • • Won't absorb water, and are easy to clean.
Jumbo Reversible SoftFloors Modular Mats

A chunky, reversible option for busy exercise areas or recreation. 1" thick, high-density, EVA foam, in interlocking squares.

  • • Pick from a variety of color combinations.
  • • Buoyant design won't absorb sweat or water.
Hog Heaven Fashion Modular Tile Mats

Why compromise with aesthetics when you can cover an entire work area (of any dimension) with beautifully crafted tile mats?

  • Middle Tile: Interlocking sections on all 4 sides.
  • Side Tile: Interlocking sections on 3 sides and beveled border on one.
  • Corner Tile: Interlocking sections on 2 sides and beveled border on the other two.
WaterHog™ Modular Tile Mats

No need to buy single, gigantic mat for large entrances. Join modular tiles to cover an area of any length and width.

  • • No gluing! Interlocking sections easily fit into each other to link individual tiles.
  • • Over a dozen color options!
Hog Heaven II Modular Tile Poly Mats

A perfect choice for facilities requiring thick, rugged, easy-to-clean, anti-fatigue, comfortable and durable modular tile mat.

  • • Ideal for work stations, retail stores, check-out stations.
  • • ¾ inches in thickness.
Hog Heaven™ Modular Tile Mats

Convert your floor with this rubber surface and a cushioned inner core. Provides supreme comfort, durability, and slip resistance.

  • • In 2 sizes: 18” and 36” squares with an optional anti-slip, Grit surface.
  • • Molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface won't delaminate, bulge or curl.
Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tile Mats

Why waste money on a standard-sized mat when you can build one that will fit your specific location? Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tiles are suited for all types of environments that require additional traction.

  • • Comfort Flow: allows liquids to percolate through the drainage holes.
  • • Comfort Scrape: channels debris and moisture from footwear into the grooves on the tiles.
ErgoDeck™ Modular Tiles

Interlocking, 18" x 18" tiles in an open or solid design. Unique and resilient, for a safe and productive workplace. Excellent traction.

  • 7/8" thick tiles form the perfect mat.
  • • Also has companion products.
Floor Safe Protection Tiles

Protect your expensive, polished floor from scratches, marks, and discoloration, with 40” x 40” floor-safe tiles. Simply lay the carpet tiles together to preserve the appearance of your floor.

  • • No adhesive or installation hardware required.
  • • Place furniture or roll carts easily on the low pile polypropylene carpet with non-slip bitumen backing.