Welcome Mats

Imagine the swell of anxiety you might feel arriving for Thanksgiving with new in-laws or a visit with a new friend. But after one glimpse of the adorable “You Are Entering Oz!” mat, you know you are among fun people. We at MyWelcomeMats.com know that home is where the heart is, and these mats are valuable ways to make your house a home.
Our cheerful mats reflect on the outside how wonderful your home is on the inside. Naturally, you want to start with Welcome Mats that have “Welcome” or greeting messages scrawled across them. Each family is unique and has its own way to show their hospitality and welcome guests. With this in mind, we have every design style you could want, from a simplistic look to a southwest-style ‘Howdy’ mat. Need a boost for your beach house? View our ‘Nautical Themes’ selection. Holiday Welcome Mats span everything from greeting Trick or Treaters in the fall to wishing visitors a Merry Christmas. Kitchen Design Mats and Rooster Mats enhance the cozy nature of your home, while Novelty Mats add some humor.
Additionally, we want you to take the design of the mat into your own hands by personalizing your own. Our Personalizable Monogram Mats are classy ways to distinguish your house with your name. We make it an easy and affordable process that only takes minutes. Family Mats and Sports Mats celebrate your family and show off the budding athlete, and even pets are promoted with Pet Mats.
As the expression goes, looks get attention but it’s the inside that counts. Welcome mats are intended to keep dirt out. Our mats are specifically built to trap over 40% of dirt particles on them and prevent soiling the interior of your house. Printed on thick sponge rubber, Welcome Mats are machine washable, flame resistant, and will withstand weather and water influences indoors or outdoors. In fact, if you want mats to specifically deflect water, try our WaterGuard Mats with outer fabric patterns and tough mildew-fighting rubber backing. Furthermore, we offer other Welcome products besides mats. In a house with children, muddy shoes are almost guaranteed, so hang Wipe Your Feet Signs to remind people that cleanliness is a virtue.
Sure, our mats are terrific, but our incomparable prices are what will impress you the most. Since many are as low as $30, buy one for yourself and give a couple more for great gifts! A welcome mat shows your family and friends that you enjoy their company and look forward to being with them. Start shopping for the Web’s best ways to accentuate your home.