Sure Stride Disposable Mats

Sure Stride Slip-Resistant Disposable Mat with Tacki Back Adhesive

Product Description
Ultra absorbent Sure Stride Mats have a quick-drying surface with a Tacki Back adhesive system that virtually eliminates migration in wet and dry indoor locations—making it the preferred choice for assembly lines, machine shops, storage closets, mechanical rooms, restaurant buffet areas, and produce aisles.

• Easy to install, the quick-drying polypropylene fabric allows for easy maintenance. Absorbed water will evaporate but standard fans or floor blowers can be used to speed up drying.

• Sustains its performance for up to 3 months under normal conditions before needing replacement.

• Low-profile design eliminates tripping hazards typically found on thicker mats with higher piles, making it perfect for interior entryways where door clearance is an issue.

• Tacki back adhesive system keeps mats flat and in place—even with heavy cart and motorized traffic from shopping cart, buggies, strollers, hand trucks, and dollies.

• Floor scrubbers, vacuums, brooms and mops pass right over the surface without damaging the mat. Standard floor scrubbers may be used to clean the floor mat.

• Fabric has 35% more fibers than similar competitive products, allowing it absorb up to 10 gallons per roll, plus the polyester moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through or damaging floors.

• Optional cutting board and knife available to make cutting your mat to length easy.

• Slip-resistant surface is certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute, providing a safe walking surface.

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