Mat Samples

Not sure which mat to buy? With our mat samples you'll be able to figure out the type of mat that best fits your needs.
  • • Order one or order them all! We will rebate the total cost of your samples when you come back to place your order.
  • Free shipping! You pay $0 on shipping when you order mat samples and ship within the contiguous 48 states.
  • • Our custom mat samples feature different colors available or a full color photo to show our excellent print quality.
  • • The stock mat samples feature a variety of colors so you can match any décor.
  • • If you have any questions about our mats, don't hesitate to give our customer service team a call.

Sample of Custom Logo Mats

Mat Sample
Classic Xpressions HD Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Classic Xpressions Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Waterhog Xpressions HD Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Waterhog Inlay Mini Mat
Mat Sample
SuperScrape Impressions Mini Mat

Sample of Stock Mats

Mat Sample
Brush Hog Color Swatch Samples
Mat Sample
ColorStar Color Swatch Samples (formerly Tri-Grip)
Mat Sample
Waterhog Sample Swatches
Mat Sample
Waterhog ECO Color Swatch Samples
Mat Sample
Industrial Sample Set
Mat Sample
Comfort Flow Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Entrance/Interior Mat Sample Set
Mat Sample
Brush Hog Mini Mat
Mat Sample
ColorStar Color Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Waterhog Mini Mat
Mat Sample
Waterhog Eco Mini Mat
MiniMat & Color Swatch Sample Set
Berber Sample Set

Customer Reviews

Woman User Icon
Dec 29, 2022

Waterhog Sample Swatches : Mat Sample
Part #:M-SMPL-03 0" x 0" WaterHog™ Classic Mat   Verified Purchase


Sent promptly! Great quality materials.
Woman User Icon
Oct 18, 2022

Waterhog Inlay Mini Mat : Mat Sample
Part #:M-SMPL-08 0" x 0" Waterhog™ Logo Inlay Full-Color Customized Mats with SBR Backing   Verified Purchase

Good quality

Good quality and thickness. I believe this will be our choice for an outdoor mat.
Woman User Icon
Dec 03, 2021

Waterhog Sample Swatches : Mat Sample
Part #:M-SMPL-03 0" x 0" WaterHog™ Classic Mat   Verified Purchase

If you can't decide on color- order the sample!

Will definitely order outdoor mat after hoopla of Christmas! The two samples I ordered gave me the Ability to choose the Perfect color. Also to feel the texture of top as well as the backing.
Man User Icon
May 14, 2021

Classic Xpressions Mini Mat : Mat Sample
Part #:M-SMPL-06 8" x 11" Full-Color Customized Mats with SBR Backing   Verified Purchase

Mat Sample

The texture and colors were great. We will be working up our order when construction is closer to being finished on our new museum site.
Woman User Icon
Jul 13, 2020

Industrial Sample Set : Mat Sample
Part #:M-SMPL-05 0" x 0" Industrial Mat Sample Set   Verified Purchase

Good Product

Great selection of samples. We really liked the small chart that was included. Recommend numbering the chart and samples so you can identify the sample product with the charts. The samples made it very easy to determine the thickness and texture needed.