Military Mats are a Symbol of Pride for our Brave Warriors

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"You put your lives in danger to support our country. You help protect our freedoms. You represent the best of the U.S. Understand that we are behind you, think of you every day and support you completely. We will also welcome back our brave veterans when you return. We dedicate this page to your courage, duty and honor."
"Our unit is currently stationed at [an airforce base] in Iraq and besides the expected harsh desert environment our unit is battling the dirt and dust that gets tracked into our ready room as well as our mission planning room. This dirt and dust is destroying our computers and some of our sensitive mission planning gear."
Our mats, in a very small way, help support these brave warriors. Our military mats have found their way from Georgia to Iraq and military bases around the globe.
We know that a military mat is merely a symbol of the pride that the military has in the team and the pride that all Americans have in these generous men and women. As a result, our mat craftsmen and women do everything possible to ensure that the art for your military mat is meticulously rendered and that the quality of your military mat matches that of our trained forces.