Corporate Logo Mats - Brand Identity with Every Step!

The role of branding and creating brand recall in the current competitive times cannot be undermined. A good way of doing so is by getting customized floor mats for your workplace, industry or office. In fact a customized industrial mat or a company logo mat can go a long way in helping you to create a great brand recall amongst employees and clients at a subconscious level.
A business logo mat that looks good
The entire purpose of using a business logo mat would be defeated if your logo is not printed properly or if the colors are not exactly the same as your original logo. Also, the usage of these mats would be higher as most offices have a high traffic, thus these have to have a high resistance level.
To ensure that the color of your logo remains attractive and does not fade away in spite of a lot of usage, we at XpressMats make two types of custom business logo mats. Our XpressPrint Mat is made from long-wearing, static-dissipative nylon. This should be used indoor or under well covered outdoor areas. As an industrial mat, this would last longer if kept indoors. Our ImageMax custom mats are made from 100 per cent premium polypropylene fabric and will not fade or rot in outdoor use. Depending on your usage and requirement, you can pick the business logo mat that would suit you best.
To ensure that the printing is also of extremely high standards, we use the best technology. In fact our award-winning printing technology is also used by companies as diverse as OfficeMax, FedEx and Fargo. Our browser-based software ensures lightening fast design. To offer convenience and simplicity, our tools for beginning users include the option for spell check, automatic word wrap with shrink-to-fit or enlarge to fit, and vertical alignment of text. As a result, your business logo mat would truly look attractive.
A word of caution- Safe industrial floor mats
An industrial floor is used for a number of reasons. It can be used to de-stress employees and help in easing fatigue, as a result increase productivity. It further protects the underlying floor from spills and dirt and absorbs harmful chemicals and oil. With the advantages that an industrial mat offers, there are a number of hazards that it brings along. When purchasing industrial floor mats you would need to be extra careful to ensure that these don't act as tripping hazards as this could lead to serious injuries or accidents. Mats from XpressMats have two basic anti-trip features that make these safe when used as industrial floor mats. The first is our low profile, SBR rubber borders. These borders ensure that your employees do not trip over the industrial mat and at the same time stop water and dirt from leaking onto the floor. The second is the optional gripper backing that keeps the industrial mat from slipping. This option works best on hard surfaces or on carpeting with loop construction.
Also, mats from XpressMats have a fire rating listed in the specifications. Please consider the mat carefully before placing an order, so as to ensure that the risk of a fire hazard is completely ruled out.
Quick service at a low cost
To ensure efficiency we make it a point to ship your order in less than 5 working days. In case of business logo mats or corporate logo mats, this shipping time can increase if proofs of supplied artwork are needed. In this case, you would need to add another 2-3 days. The mats are shipped to you using UPS ground and shipping charges can vary by the size and weight of the mat. In case of a bulk order for business logo mats or corporate logo mats the pricing would vary according to the number of mats that you order, as the weight would vary. You can log on to our website to calculate exactly how much each mat would cost and the total cost for the company logo mat.
We also provide the convenience to track your corporate logo mat order. You can find out exactly where your corporate logo mats are, be at the factory or in transit. Also, we offer an easy procedure to place a reorder for your company logo mat. Especially once the artwork for the business logo mat or corporate logo mat has been approved, placing a reorder is extremely simple. We pay extra attention to reducing logistic cost, so that we can offer the best possible price. We focus on streamlined and simple online ordering, together with direct links to the factory floor. As a result you can rest assured that your order and money is in safe hands!