Beach House Floor Mats

Beach House Floor Mats
Whether you own a beach house or just wish you did, our Beach House Floor Mats will bring a smile to your face every day. Choose from several bright designs which bring the best of the beach to you. Want to bring the ocean indoors? Kitchen Mats are flame resistant and washable for easy care.
  • • Mats are completely machine washable. Use them every day and then throw them in the wash for hassle-free cleaning. Perfect for near the beach or in the kitchen!
  • • Mats come in several sizes, up to 46" x 66". Use smaller Mats for outside doorways and larger ones for inside rooms.
  • • Never worry about placing mats near a door; mats are low profile so that doors swing easily over them without catching on the mat.
  • • When you hover your mouse over a mat, more information will appear.
Design Favorites
Pick a kitchen floor mat to spruce up your area, increase safety, and catch food scraps and moisture while you're cooking up a storm.

Beach House Floor Mats

Nautical Crab
18" x 27" (h x w)
Nautical Lobster
18" x 27" (h x w)
Nautical Sea Star
18" x 27" (h x w)

Customer Reviews

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Mar 19, 2019

Novelty Kitchen Mat : Nautical Sea Star
Part #:MK-0045 18" x 27" Washable Floor Mat   Verified Purchase

Love the blue

Love the colors and that it doesn't move but a little shorter than I wanted for in front of the refrigerator.