Graphic Logo Mats - Why Choose XpressMats?

A graphic logo mat, placed at the entrance of an office, a school, an industry or your own home, can be a great visual tool to convey a message or create a brand image. It works at a subconscious level and is not a direct advertising or a marketing tool. At the same time, it is of primary importance that a graphic logo mat offers a high quality image, else the entire effort would bear no fruit. We have the support system and the technology to ensure that your corporate logo, symbol, shape, design or message, looks exactly the same way on the logo mat as it does in the artwork that you provide. Once the artwork is provided to us, we ensure that our logo mats while ensuring hygiene, also fulfill the responsibility of conveying the brand or the message in the best possible way.
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Fundraising through logo mats
Over and above the branding activity, our logo mats can also be used as fundraising logo mats. The message printed on these mats would be clear and attractive, so would definitely garner a good response. Fundraising logo mats can be placed in schools, at the church or at your own store or organization. These fundraising logo mats undoubtedly attract attention as they are a unique means of conveying a message and can act as a great tool to further your mission of social service.
Customized logo door mat
Logo mats can be used both indoor and out, and you can get a customized logo mat made according to the size specifications that suit your needs. You would need to ensure that your logo door mat does not hamper the movement of the door and at the same time does not fold every time the door opens. Most mats in the entrance category are ½" or less. To avoid the hampering of the movement of the door you can make use of a stack of used playing cards. Measure your door clearance and then place the stack about 6" from the door in its near closed position. After this, open the door very slowly, allowing the bottom of the door to push off the cards that are above the doors base. Pick up the remaining cards, set them on a table and measure the height. Once you have measured this height, you would know exactly what would be the ideal height of your logo door mat.
Further, to ensure that the logo mat represents your company logo perfectly, you have a large number of color options to pick from. We try offering all the support that would be required to ensure complete customer satisfaction so as to ensure a long and fruitful association.
Uploading artwork for your logo mat
When you are uploading the artwork that has to be printed on the custom logo floor mats you can upload two versions of for use in our program. A low resolution image for on screen viewing and a high resolution file for the production of your logo floor mat.
If you would like to see a proof of the logo floor mat, we will return it within 48 hours of your artwork submission. The first proof logo floor mat would be free of cost along with one correction. Additional corrections would be billed at $20 a piece. If you have any queries regarding the custom logo floor mats or about your artwork, email us and we will respond to your queries within two hours during our normal business hours.
To start the processing of your order for custom logo floor mats, you can log onto our website and follow the simple instructions provided. We can take your art in almost any format, style or shape and create a beautiful custom mat to suit your needs.
Ensuring a long life
To ensure that your logo floor mat lasts for a long time, it is important to keep them clean. Also a dirty logo mat would spoil the look of the logo and might not convey the message that it is intended for properly. Especially in high traffic area, a mat would get dirty much faster. Logo mats should be cleaned regularly using a standard upright vacuum, carpet cleaner or industrial washing machine. For more precise instructions, you can log on to our website and view the cleaning chart. In fact, mats should be cleaned as soon as you notice moisture and soil tracking around the mat or when the mat begins to darken in color. A clean and well-maintained logo mat would leave a much better impression on the visitors and at the same time would make the communication more effective.