Clean Stride Mat: Clean Stride Mat, 36" x 92" (MT-2694-36X92)

Part# MT-2694-36X92
Sticky inserts sold separately

Product Description

  • Mat thickness measures 3/8" thick.
  • As foot traffic passes over the mat, the Waterhog surface scrapes larger particles while the adhesive insert captures smaller dust and dirt. With two footsteps on the Clean Stride adhesive insert, over 90% of dirt particles are removed.
  • Clean Stride mats provide highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities, and more.
  • Not recommended for outdoor applications or wet areas.
  • SBR rubber backing has 20% recycled content.
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  • 34" x 44"
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  • Clean Stride Carpet and Rubber Frame Mat
Clean Stride Carpet and Rubber Frame Mat
Oct 12
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  • Waterhog Carpet removes dirt and water and Clean Stride sticky inserts grab any remaining residue.
  • The perfect entrance to any clean room.
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Size:34" x 44"
Material:Clean Stride Carpet and Rubber Frame Mat
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60 Sheets/Pack
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