Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats
Your professional kitchen needs an upgrade. Pick a kitchen floor mat to spruce up your area, increase safety, and catch food scraps and moisture while you're cooking up a storm.

• Various unique surfaces with rubber backing eliminate hazards.

• Easy to clean and simple to maintain, these won't crack or curl. They'll far outlast that thing in the back of your fridge.

• Questions? Feel free to give us a call.

Kitchen Mats for the Home
Kitchen Mats for the Home
Invite friends and family to a great meal while you keep dirt away. Choose from a variety of designs.
Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats (78636)
 Gel-Soft Kitchen Floor Mats

• Gel-filled core, with a textured surface.

• Anti-fatigue, great for balance and posture.

 Custom-Sized Mats

• Configurable mats, ideal for any floor space.

• Customize up to 60 feet to fit any space.

 Microfibre Anti-Fatigue Mats

• Soft, lightweight, and machine-washable.

• Superior comfort relieves pain and fatigue.

 Grade A™ Food Production

• Looks great in your kitchen.

• 1/2" thick, with built-in handles.

 Complete Comfort™ Mats

• 100% Nitrile rubber mats offer superior comfort.

• Easy to maintain.

 GreaseHog Mats

• Anti-slip with an ultra-absorbent surface.

• Attracts grease or oils to protect interior areas.

 Cushion Station Mats

• Great for employees with long work hours.

• Linkable and modular options for odd spaces.

 Traction Hog II

• Diamond-patterned, slip-resistant Grit top.

• Made of 15% recycled rubber content.

 Restaurant Floor Mats
 SuperScrape™ Mats

• Superior scraping surface.

• Traps dirt and soil within its cleats.

 Rejuvenator Anti-Fatigue Mats

• 100% Urethane with thick outer wear layer.

• Exceptional comfort and long-lasting performance.

 Grocery Floor Mats
 Hog Heaven Prime Mats