Safety Mats

Grease Hog Mats 70947

Our Grease Hog anti-slip mats are designed to target lubricants. The ultra absorbent surface attracts grease or oils from footwear, and keeps it from being tracked into interior areas where it may stain floors, or cause a slip hazard.

  • • Made from 100% high density, closed-cell, nitrile rubber cushion, our Grease Hog Anti-Slip Mats provide the necessary traction, preventing slip and fall injuries.
  • • The unique disk pattern on the back keeps the mat in place. The low profile reinforced border allows the mat to law flat; not crack or break.

Comfort Grit Mats 70951

Great for dry or wet locations, our Comfort Grit Mats are ideal for commercial kitchens and industrial areas. These mats are available in two styles: Comfort Flow Grit (with flow-through pores) for wet areas and Comfort Scrape Grit for dry locations. Pliable, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-handle mats are loved by facility owners.

  • • Closed-cell nitrile rubber cushion relieves workers’ fatigue.
  • • Silicon-carbide top prevents slip and fall hazards. Certified slip resistant by National Floor Safety Institute.

Cushion Station Mats 71662

This all-in-one mat is the total package! The closed-cell Nitrile rubber cushion renders marvelous ergonomic comfort, alleviating standing worker fatigue. The surface is static dissipative, welding safe, anti-microbial, resistant to many chemicals, oils and greases, plus much more! If your looking for a mat that performs optimally in just about any condition or environment, Cushion Station Mats will exceed your expectations.

  • • Comes in 22 sizes starting from 2’ x 3.2’.
  • • Available with and without drainage holes.
  • • Resistant to water, chemicals, grease, oils, microbes & static electricity.
  • • Easy to clean and durable enough to be autoclave sterilized.

Cushion Max Anti-Fatigue Mats 74668

One of our most economical anti-fatigue mats to date, the Cushion Max Mat is made from an advanced blend of PVC foam and Nitrile rubber. This ultra-resilient mat last 3 times longer than traditional 100% PVC foam mats, absorbing shocks better while rebounding to its original shape. Lightweight and easy to relocate, this non-slip mat is perfect for workers on the go.

  • • Comes in 5/8" thickness.
  • • 100% anti-microbial treatment keeps the mat free from bacteria and microbes, while inhibiting foul odors.
  • • Available with or without drainage holes, for both wet and dry environments.

Hog Heaven™ Linkable 74681

Durable and comfortable, Hog Heaven Linkable Mats allow you to add-on additional sections to fit specific locations in your establishment. The Nitrile rubber surface is resistant to water, chemicals, oils and greases, while the waffle-like treads increases traction making them great for manufacturing and industrial applications where workers constantly toil on their feet.

  • • Provides outstanding anti-fatigue properties and is available with an optional grit surface for enhanced traction and stability.
  • • Surface is welding safe, electrically conductive, and resistant to oils, greases as well as chemicals.
  • • Molded construction prevents delamination guaranteeing that the surface and cushion backing will never seperate.

Complete Comfort™ Mats 74938

A favorite of the manufacturing, production and hotel industry, our Complete Comfort Mat offers optimum comfort and resilience at an affordable price. Built for workers who suffer from knee or back pain from prolonged standing, these ergonomic mats are made from anti-static Nitrile rubber that offers outstanding slip resistance and unmatched comfort in all types of environments, indoor and out.

  • • The slip resistant anti-microbial treated surface inhibits unpleasant odors while providing excellent traction.
  • • Ideal for wet as well as dry areas such as kitchens, food production or industrial areas, and even outdoor locations.

Cushion Station Linkable Mats 74953

Our soothing Cushion Station Mats provide exceptional comfort, relieving tension and stress in no time. The dense closed cell foam relaxes your muscles and the Nitrile rubber surface provides superior traction in oily and greasy locations. The interlocking sections can be disassembled in seconds for quick cleaning, or additional segements can be attached to accomodate expanding work areas.

  • • Anti-microbial mat is available with or without drainage holes for wet and dry environments.
  • • Mat is made from anti-static shock absorbing foam that resist oils, greases, chemicals, mositure and sparks.
  • • Easy to clean and durable enough to be autoclave sterilized.

Comfort Flow/Scrape Linkable Mats 74968

These Nitrile rubber mats can be joined end-to-end to cover any floor space in your facility. Consisting of middle and end pieces that quickly interlock to connect or detach segments as needed. What’s more, these mats can tolerate a multitude of hazardous substances from grease and oils to sparks and chemicals – making them ideal for just about any application.

  • • Available in two designs: ‘Flow’ that allows liquids and particles to pass through, and ‘Scrape’ that extracts debris and moisture from footwear into the grooves on the mat.
  • • An optional Grit anti-slip surface that improves adhesion, traction and stability.

Electrically Conductive Mat & Accessories 23881

Anti-Fatigue 4.5
Wear Resistance 4.5
Slip Resistance 5.0

Our most popular ergonomic ESD mat for a variety of production environments.

  • • Available in 1/2" and 9/16" thickness
  • • Choose from a smooth rubber or diamond-plate vinyl surface
  • • Heel grounders and ground cord are available accessories

Happy Feet™ Anti Fatigue Mats 24298

Happy Feet™ mats feature a dense rubber cushion encapsulated with solid Nitrile Rubber to protect against deterioration and contamination.

  • • Available in ½" thickness
  • • Choose from 4 OSHA safety colors or a black border
  • • Texture and grip surfaces are available in stock sizes or linkable sections

Custom Logo Floor Mats 23862

Use your own safety slogan on one of our custom logo mats. Choose from anti-fatigue mats to wet area scraping mats.

  • • They are proven to last and the print quality is amazing.
  • • Logo mats retain the same great mat qualities of our stock selection, like trapping dirt and water and ease of cleaning and durability.
  • • Create your own safety message to put on your entrance or anti-fatigue mat.

Cushion Station Modular Tile Mats 77307

Dubbed the Swiss Army knife of mats because of its multifaceted design, the Cushion Station Modular Tile tolerates chemicals, oils, solvents, water, static electricity and sparks from welding, plus it's anti-microbial! For long assembly lines, L-shaped commercial kitchens, laboratories, and other atypical floor spaces, we have a unique Cushion Station Modular Tile Mat that is just as durable as it is comfortable.

  • • Mats come in is 3 sections - a middle, side and corner tile - that interlock to cover specific locations
  • • Easy to install, these interlocking tile mats tout all the benefits of a closed-cell Nitrile rubber surface but offers the anti-fatigue properties associated with a high quality foam or gel mat.

Safety Floor Mats 23859

Reinforce safety with every step! Place a message right at your employees' feet. Place these around your workplace, take a stand for safety, and keep your office looking its best.

  • • Provide a barrier from dirt, salt, and grime of the outdoors.
  • • Inspirational images provide a backdrop for safety messages.
  • • Each design is available in several sizes.

Hog Heaven™ Modular Tile Mats 75967

Convert your floor into something more, comfortable that is, with our Hog Heaven™ Modular Tile Mats. Composed of a Nitrile rubber surface and PVC cushion inner core, this anti-fatigue mat provides supreme comfort, durability and slip resistance. Great for combatting standing worker fatigue, the easy to assemble 3 piece design consist of a middle, side, and corner tile that quickly interlock to cover any square or rectangular space.

  • • Tiles are available in two sizes: 18” and 36” squares with an optional anti-slip silicon carbide (Grit) surface.
  • • Nitrile rubber surface is molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface will not delaminate, bulge or curl.

Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tile Mats 75970

Why waste money on a standard-sized mat when you can build one that will fit your specific location? Comfort Flow/Scrape Modular Tiles are a conveninet matting solution for kitchens, bars, food processing areas, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, showers, locker rooms, gyms, or just about anywhere that requires additional traction. Available in two styles:

  • • Comfort Flow: This Nitrile rubber tile mat allows liquids to percolate through the drainage holes.
  • • Comfort Scrape: This style retains debris and moisture from footwear into the grooves on the tiles.

Industrial WorkSafe® Anti Fatigue Mat 23885

Anti-Fatigue 3.5
Wear Resistance 4.0
Slip Resistance 4.0

Our most popular wet area, ergonomic mat is now formulated in a CFR (mineral oil cutting fluid resistant) compound that also resists many other industrial chemicals and fluids.

  • • Available in ¾" thickness
  • • Choose from Black/Orange or Black/Yellow
  • • Slip resistant surface provides traction in wet areas

Hog Heaven™ Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats 22458

Choose any of the OSHA compliant borders or go with a standard black border. Hog Heaven™ Industrial mats are 100% nitrile rubber for ease of clean up and resistance to chemicals and heat.

  • • Available in 5/8" and 7/8" thickness
  • • Choose from black or 5 OSHA colored safety borders
  • • Welding safe and certified slip resistant

WaterHog Safety Message Mats 69083

Mats with unmatched water and dirt trapping quality now come with a bold safety message! Multifunctional WaterHog Safety Message mats help you establish your safety program right at the entrance of your facility.

  • • Sign is fabricated of polymeric plastic material and molded into the rubber
  • • Rubber water dam border on the mat traps water, debris, and moisture within
  • • Solid rubber base withstands heavy traffic abuse
  • • Available in Classic and Fashion styles in two sizes
  • • Choose from 12 different mat colors

Hog Heaven Safety Message Mats 69082

Mats offer floor protection against dirt and water, long-lasting comfort to tired feet, and a safety warning. Perfect for work stations, shipping lines, commercial kitchens, assembly lines, and more.

  • • Available in 5/8” and 7/8” thickness
  • • Safety message sign can either be placed vertically or horizontally in the center of the mat
  • • Mats with OSHA approved yellow striped borders also available
  • • Chemical, oil, grease, and slip resistant

Hard Hat Mats 1995

Wear your hard hat - or have your head examined! These and other signs and mats help reinforce this vital safety message.

  • • Let your employees know when their hard hat is a must!
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