Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Studies show that industrial workers have happier and and more productive days with anti-fatigue mats.

Rubber Floor Mats 78677

No other mat can offer as much comfort as our evergreen rubber mats – a terrific matting solution for workers with long standing hours.

  • • Choose from anti-static, anti-slip, OSHA approved, ergonomic, scraper, linkable, or mats with drainage holes.
  • • Nitrile rubber not just offers comfort, indoors and out, but also lasts long.

SuperScrape™ Mats 78683

Fantastically remove dirt, grime, soil, and moisture off footwear. SuperScrape™ Mats are anti-fatigue, slip-resistant, and great for traction too.

  • • Molded surface cleats trap dirt within.
  • • Mats are easy to clean by sweeping, shaking, hosing down, or pressure washing.

Anti-Static Mats 78679

Highly recommended for industrial workstations, these anti-static mats are electrically conductive. Mats also provide relief from pain and fatigue to workers.

  • • Nitricell sponge base significantly decreases worker fatigue due to continuous standing.
  • • Come in smooth rubber and diamond-plate vinyl surface. Take your pick!

Clean Area Mats 78680

Clean floor not just mean dust-free floors. Even moisture trapped in the footwear soles and spilled water can make your floors dirty. Our Clean Area Mats are a perfect solution!

  • • These mats also come with drainage holes to let liquid flow through.
  • • Many of these mat varieties offer additional features like slip-resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-microbial, and more.

Linkable Mats 78681

Linkable mats are great for atypical floor areas. Link, unlink mat tiles to fit a particular area. Easy to assemble these mats consists of two sections, a linkable middle and end piece which feature integrated molded borders that are tapered for a smooth transition from mat to floor.

  • • Designed for convenience, Linkable Mats are recommended for spaces that grow and need additional traction, ergonomic relief, or increased visibility.

Modular Tiles 78682

Functional and versatile modular tiles mats allow you to piece together your matting area as per your needs.

  • • Available in four designs, mats feature unique surfaces to eliminate hazards depending on your work area.
  • • Find anti-fatigue mats for workplaces with long standing hours, grit-surface mats for superior scraping performance in areas with grime, reversible soft-floor mats for recreation, ergo-deck mats for wet areas.

Nonslip & Wet Area Mats 78678

Mitigate slip and fall risks in your work areas with these mats.

  • • Unique surfaces provide superior traction and relieve fatigue while trapping moisture or draining water (depending on your need.)
  • • Get a customized mat with your logo or design in bright and vivid colors at no additional charge.

Industrial Safety Floor Mats 78716

Our Industrial Safety Floor Mats eliminate a number of industrial hazards like fatigue, slip accidents, electrocution, and help maintain overall cleanliness at workstations.?

  • • You can even customize mats with your industry’s logo or a safety message that is hard to miss.
  • • Constructed of durable material that withstands tough industrial conditions.

Wearwell® Mats 78676

Ergonomic and resilient mats that relieve fatigue while resisting wear and tear due to high footfall.

  • • Choose from nine mat types designed for specific operations. Find mats for food production areas, workplaces with electrical equipment, sterile environments and more.
  • • All mats are slip-resistant and proven to enhance productivity.
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