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In a factory or industrial facility, safety comes first. Industrial Mats improve traction and protect employees. Make it more comfortable to stand, offer fluid resistance, and prevent static from becoming a problem in your factory.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats 23971

Studies have shown that workers in an industrial environment, on their feet all day and working in potentially dangerous situations, perform better and are injured less when anti-fatigue mats are used. A more comfortable worker is a more productive worker.

  • • Anti-fatigue mats can ensure not only a productive, but happy and satisfied work force.
  • • We have a wide selection of mat styles which can be customized to meet any work environment, from the presence of corrosive liquids to food materials.
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Non Slip & Wet Area Mats 24003

Slipping is a very real danger in workplaces with wet floors or when working with grease or oil products. Our Non-Slip & Wet Area mats give your employees protection from the hazards of slipping, while also offering a high level of comfort and anti-fatigue benefits.

  • • We have a wide range of options including drainage holes, anti-microbial properties, grease and oil resistance, and scraping abilities.
  • • Our mats will work in a variety of settings like kitchens, machine shops, assembly areas, walk in coolers and freezers, and entrances.
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Clean Area Mats 24000

When working in a sterile or clean environment strict regulations can make it difficult to satisfy mandatory requirements and keep your employees comfortable. We don't think you should have to compromise between satisfying one or the other. Textured surfaces also increase traction for greasy or wet areas.

  • • Our clean area mats are specifically designed to be easy to clean and portable.
  • • Formulated with anti-microbial compounds these mats are designed to deter bacterial growth and deterioration from chemicals and oil.
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Anti Static Mats 23958

Conductive mats are designed to protect sensitive equipment by quickly drawing the static off workers before they touch susceptible chemicals or apparatus. Protect against hazards with Electrically Conductive mats that quickly disperse static electricity.

  • • Mats help you avoid accidents in places where one shock is capable of starting a fire.
  • • Make sure to ground your mats with our Ground Cord and Heel Grounder to maximize static dispersal.
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