NoTrax Wayfarer Mats

A completely vinyl-based mat ideal for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. Recommended and approved product as part of the GreenTRAX™ program for “Green Cleaning” environments. The vinyl material is quick drying and resists mildew making it a great tool for wet locations.
NoTrax Wayfarer Mats

The closed backing, vinyl-loop mat is good for commercial or residential application where light to medium traffic occurs. Perfect for entrances or wet areas like water fountains.

  • • Vinyl-loop pattern removes dirt and moisture from shoes.
  • • Color-coordinated thick vinyl backing keeps the mat in place.
NoTrax Wayfarer Custom Mats

Open backed vinyl-looped mat is ideal for outdoors, mudrooms and wet areas like pools and jacuzzis. Unbacked mat allows water to seep through the mat and out the bottom so puddles do not form on the mat surface.

  • • Designed for high traffic areas.
  • • Colored, factory compressed border - avialable with stock sizes only.