Melt Step Mats

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Spare yourself from the labor, time and hassle of shoveling snow with our Melt Step Mats. Simply plug the cord into any standard 120 volt outlet and let these electrically heated mats do the work for you!
• A convenient and reliable solution for melting snow and ice from walkways to prevent slip and fall accidents.
• Unique reversible design radiates heat in two directions—from the top and bottom of the mat.
• Water tight electrical system connects to standard 120 volt outlets.
• Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (CFCI) switch prevents electrical shock hazards by cutting the current off when it detects it traveling along an unintended path such as through a person or water.
• The surface temperature of the mat reaches 100-110° with the ambient air temperature (directly above the mat) reaching 75-80° which is adequate to melt snowflakes and ice upon contact.
• Link (up to four mats) in succession to design a system that fits your needs and location.
• Durable molded nitrile rubber construction is waterproof, UV resistant, and flexible in freezing temperatures.
• Eliminates the need for costly and toxically harsh chemicals, or salts that ruin upscale concrete, stone or brick walkways.
Mat Specifications
Thickness : 3/8"
Material : 100% Nitrile ribber
Mat Weight : 31.25 lbs.
Voltage : 120 Volts
Amps : 3.2
Use : Outdoors
Price List
To order your mat: Select mat size, color and enter quantity. Click 'Add to Cart' when done.
Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate and can shrink a bit during the heat curing stage of the mat. For smaller mats, 1" of shrinkage is not uncommon. Larger mats may shrink up to 3%. Please allow for this industry standard tolerance before ordering.
Stock Mats
  Mat Color Mat Size Approx. 1 2 7 31   Order Qty
with One Connector
3' x 5' 35.75" x 59" $621.60   $616.25   $610.90   $605.55      Mat
with Powercord
3' x 5' 35.75" x 59" $695.45   $691.15   $685.80   $675.10      Mat
with Two Connectors
3' x 5' 35.75" x 59" $680.45   $675.10   $669.75   $663.35      Mat
  Part#   Description   Size   Pkg   1 2 7 31   Order Quantity
  MT-4287    Melt Step Mat Extension Cord    6'    Cord    $80.20 $78.05 $74.85 $71.65    Cord
  MT-4286    Melt Step Mat Powercord    6'    Cord    $89.85 $86.60 $84.50 $79.15    Cord