Hog Heaven II Modular Tile Poly Mats

Mat Specifications
Thickness: 3/4"
Material: Nitrile Closed Cell Cushion
Surface: Black Woven (PVC) Vinyl
Backing: Nitrile Closed Cell Foam
Ergonomically developed for standing and active workers, the Hog Heaven II Modular Tile Poly has a pliable surface that reduces fatigue while the compression set, elastic cushion literally adds some spring to your step.
• Woven PVC top can be swept or vacuumed, providing easy maintenance.
• Fabric surface is molded to the Nitrile rubber body for long-lasting durability.
• Excellent anti-fatigue properties for dry environments.
• Versatile modular tile design can be adapted to fit larger locations or installations.
• Perfect for use in manufacturing and retail facilities, check-out stations, work stations, check-out stations and more.
Price List
To order your mat: Select mat size, color and enter quantity. Click 'Add to Cart' when done.
Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate and can shrink a bit during the heat curing stage of the mat. For smaller mats, 1" of shrinkage is not uncommon. Larger mats may shrink up to 3%. Please allow for this industry standard tolerance before ordering.

Stock Mats
      Price   Order
  Mat Size Approx. 1 17 36   Quantity
  18" Middle 18" x 18" $36.95   $34.95   $32.95      Mat
  18" Side Black 18" x 21.875" $46.95   $44.95   $42.45      Mat
  18" Corner Black 21.875" x 21.875" $55.45   $53.95   $51.45      Mat
  36" Middle 36" x 36" $148.45   $140.45   $134.95      Mat
  36" Side Black 36" x 39.875" $168.95   $160.45   $154.45      Mat
  36" Corner Black 39.875" x 39.875" $187.95   $180.45   $172.95      Mat