Part# MT-0155
Size 40" x 40"
Color Grey
Package 1 Tile
Material Floor Safe Tiles for Indoor Applications [AND_FST]

Floor Safe Protection Tile 

Floor Safe Tile for Indoor Applications

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Product Description
Designed for the multi-purpose rooms and areas, Floor Safe Tiles protects precious polished floors and ornate surfaces from streaks, blemishes, and discolorations commonly associated with foot traffic.

• 40" x 40" tiles are easy and safe for one person to install in any indoor multi-purpose location.

• From the center of the room set down the tiles besides the next in tandem and simply build outwards to adequately cover the area in need of protection.

• No connectors or tape required - once assembled the mass of tiles exerts enough weight to hold the configuration together and prevents the tiles from separating.

• Chair, tables, podiums and other items can safely be placed on top of the installed tiles.

• Shallow borders and the low pile carpet allow carts, strollers, dollies and wheelchairs to pushed on and off the tiles with minimal effort.

• Polypropylene carpet is durable and stain resistant.

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Size:   40" x 40"
Part#:  MT-0156
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