Safety [light bulb], A Bright Idea 4' x 3' Safety Mind-a-Mat™ for Floor: 4' x 3' Safety Mind-a-Mat™ for Floor (M-0087-4X3) Learn More...

Part# M-0087-4X3
SPN# 589B
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Mats Promote and Advertise Your Quality and Safety Programs!

  • Increase sales by making your environment more welcoming.
  • This heavy-duty mat outlasts and outperforms mere promotional grade mats made by others.
  • Do not order another "plain" mat again!
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  • 36" x 48"
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  • Décor Mind-a-Mats™
Décor Mind-a-Mats™
Nov 27
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  • Digitally printed decorative mats exhibit enhanced designs in fine detail.
  • Constructed from static dissipative nylon yarn with a nitrile rubber backing.
  • Fully launderable. Wash in cold water with mild detergent, lay flat to dry.
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Size:36" x 48"
Material:Décor Mind-a-Mats™
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