Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats
Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats are highly durable, comfortable and easy to clean. When you work in a commercial kitchen, you have other things on your mind besides your kitchen floor mat. So buy a mat you can trust. Our Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats are made explicitly for busy kitchens, so even industrial messes are easy to clean off.

• Choose from 5 different commercial quality mats. Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats are made with the highest standards. Find OSHA approved, nitrile rubber, Comfort Mats and more high quality mats below.

• Slip-resistant mats give you peace of mind while you work. Never have to think about how you move around your kitchen. Just focus on what you're making instead!

• Click on any mat for more details on pricing, materials and color choice. Need help? Don't hesitate to call our live support team.

Watch why our Anti-fatigue Mat is a must for your kitchen.
Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats (41592)
 Comfort Mat
Constructed of 100% high density, closed cell, nitrile rubber cushion, Comfort mats are welding safe and static dissipative, while providing superior grease and oil resistance. The light weight and flexible ...
 Xtra Traction Mat
Traction Hog's slip-resistant surface with silicon carbide coating provides maximum anti-slip performance with an astounding .78 coefficient of Friction.
 Grade A™ Food Production
The first mat specifically targeted to the rapidly expanding food production marketplace.
 Safety Scrape™ Round
Mats come in four OSHA approved striped color borders, and work wonders in environments where traction is essential and safety needs to be visible.
 SuperScrape™ Oval
Constructed of 100% nitrile rubber for oil and chemical resistance, the molded face cleats act as scrapers to remove heavy dirt and soil from shoes providing an excellent anti-skid surface.
 Traction Hog II Mat
Diamond patterned Grit top provides a slip resistant surface, nitrile rubber cushion has 15% recycled content. Grease and oil proof, chemical resistant and welding safe.
 Grease Hog Mats
Our Grease Hog anti-slip mats are designed to target lubricants. The ultra absorbent surface attracts grease or oils from footwear, and keeps it from being tracked into interior areas where it may stain floors, ...
 Complete Comfort™ Mats
A favorite of the manufacturing, production and hotel industry, our Complete Comfort Mat offers optimum comfort and resilience at an affordable price. Built for workers who suffer from knee or back pain from ...
 Cushion Station Linkable Mats
Our soothing Cushion Station Mats provide exceptional comfort, relieving tension and stress in no time. The dense closed cell foam relaxes your muscles and the nitrile rubber surface provides superior traction ...
 Comfort Flow/Scrape Linkable Mats
These nitrile rubber mats can be joined end-to-end to cover any floor space in your facility. Consisting of middle and end pieces that quickly interlock to connect or detach segments as needed. What’s more, ...
 Comfort Grit Mats
Great for dry or wet locations, our Comfort Grit Mats are ideal for commercial kitchens and industrial areas. These mats are available in two styles: Comfort Flow Grit (with flow-through pores) for wet areas and ...
 SuperScrape Eco™ Mats
SuperScrape Eco mats are constructed from 95% post consumer recycled tires, but don't let that mislead you because these mats are just as agrressive at removing dirt from footwear as our original SuperScrape ...
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