Hotel Floor Mats

In a hotel, floor mats can help you in so many ways. Entrance mats provide a way to keep dirt out, and if you really want to make your lobby look special - check out our custom logo mats and make your customers feel special from the moment they step foot in your buildings. Behind the counter, anti-fatigue mats are a proven way to improve worker productivity. And Throughout your facility - keep floors clean and improve traction with strategically placed floor mats.

Custom Logo Floor Mats 24015

We only offer WaterHog™ and Classic Impressions™ - these are the two brands that dominate the custom logo mat market in the US. Don’t settle for an off-brand and seemingly endless other material choices.

  • • They are proven to last and the print quality is amazing.
  • • Logo mats retain the same great mat qualities of our stock selection, like trapping dirt and water and ease of cleaning and durability, while giving you the freedom to design the look you'd like your mat to have.

Hotel Entrance Mats 24107

Entrance mats effectively remove and trap dirt and moisture beneath shoe level. 70-80% of dust, grime, and dirt in a building is tracked in from the outside on people's feet - think about the permanent damage this does to floors and carpets!

  • • Indoor and Outdoor mats are available - pick one of each for optimal performance.
  • • Entrance mats keep your floors clean!

Anti-Fatigue Mats 24127

Often, employees in hotels can benefit just as much from anti-fatigue mats as factory employees. That's why we offer lines of mats designed to meet the needs of behind-the-counter standing workers. They are comfortable, durable, and safe - but you don't have to sacrifice looks to get the benefits.

  • • Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • • Our mats aren't just comfortable - they look good too,

Greeting Floor Mats 24021

Say hello without uttering a word! The greeting Mind-a-Mats™ will welcome every customer who enters your store, and let them know that you care about their business. Not only does the colorful image get attention, it will add life to your entry area and increase customer satisfaction.

  • • Let employees and customers know that you appreciate their presence.
  • • Available in a variety of designs to send exactly the message that you want.
  • • Proven to be an effective way to make your store look new again!

Commercial Carpet Runners 75032

Interior Carpet mats are suited for use down aisle ways, in front of counters or stairs, or any place where moisture and dirt are prevalent. Use Commercial Carpet Runners as a preventative measure to keep down recarpeting and repair costs, and to keep your space looking clean and fresh.

  • • Durable, easy to clean.
  • • A variety of colors are available to match your decor.

Non Slip & Wet Area Mats 24134

Slipping is a very real danger in workplaces with wet floors or when working with grease or oil products. Our Non-Slip & Wet Area mats give your employees protection from the hazards of slipping, while also offering a high level of comfort and anti-fatigue benefits.

  • • Great for the kitchen, or for wet areas around car pick-up/drop-off points.
  • • Improve safety, and show you care.

Motivational Mind-a-Mats 72007

Our Motivational Mind-a-Mat series provides helpful directions and important reminders for employees, visitors and customers alike. Great for use to improve company morale, prevent accidents, post directions or identify specific locations, these mats ensure your message will be discerned while functioning as an additional barrier to prevent dirt and moisture from entering your facility or business.

  • • Crisply vibrant colors intertwined with stunning artwork create a remarkably distinguishable mat.
  • • Constructed from static dissipative nylon fibers with a non-skid nitrile rubber backing.
  • • Fully launderable. Wash in cold water with mild detergent, and lay flat to dry.
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